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Distributed performance tracing of Storm

Kweo provides rich and real-time user engagement features to website owners. Having users interact with each other on a website with comments and voting on polls, encourages people to spend more time on the site For the Kweo platform we wanted to offer these features at near real time at large scale. One example of […]

Application Performance Management for distributed real-time data processing

In our first engineering blog post we discussed the Kweo core requirements and our high-level design decisions we made. As one of the most important requirements is real-time user interaction, Application Performance Management at scale is encoded into our engineering DNA. It starts with architecture, and continues in solution design to the development ,test and production […]

Engineering at Kweo.com

M-Square is the developer and operator of Kweo.com a highly scalable User Engagement Platform providing embeddable widgets to website operators and online media companies. Kweo is designed to handle millions of concurrent users and provides features like real-time comments with reddit-like ranking, polls/voting on massive scale to its subscribers. As real-time is crucial, the architecture of […]