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Matthias Matook

Matthias Matook

Founder and Director

Matthias is the founder / director behind Kweo and CEO at M-SQUARE Pty Ltd.

Previously, Matthias was Architect and CTO at ecetera, working with clients like Bigpond, Telstra and News Digital Media (a NewsCorp Australia subsidiary) and many others.

Kweo is developed and operated by M-SQUARE Pty Ltd (founded 2011). The vision behind Kweo is defined by the strong belief that modern User Engagement must be:

  • Usable by everyone
  • Provide a complete product/service set
  • Easy configuration/installation
  • Focused on private users, small businesses and large enterprises
  • Can provide affordable enterprise features to everyone

Our experienced management team consists of recognised thought leaders for large scale operations in the online media and online travel sector.

We are highly motivated and driven by our passion.

We are looking for experienced hands-on investors who would like to be an active member of our Kweo team. Ideally interested investors have complementing experience and operational skillsets in America and China, and understand sales strategies and online marketing very well.