Kweo Data Vault

manage data, compliance, risk & workflows in one easy-to-use platform.



Designed with easy and natural workflows in mind. We worked with our clients to design a seamless operation that requires minimal navigation.

Document Management

Your documents in a central secure repository.
Versioned, auditable, traceble and assigned to actions and dates to be executed in the future.

Contract Management

Manage contract lifecycles, renewals and capture critical data with easy and flexible forms.

Alert Management

Be informed and notified when and which actions are due. Escalate and handle critical dates early and proactively manage risk.

Single Source of Truth  

Kweo Data Vault provides a Single Source of Truth for critical business information. Operate on the correct version of information, milestones, due dates and see who is working on what.

Colaborate with your team, clients and suppliers – Easily

Work together with your co-workers, accross departments, invite clients and suppliers to update their information, upload requested files like certificates, licenses and training information.

Know what actions are when due

The Kweo Data Vault Dashboard tells you what needs your attention, now, next week, next month or years ahead. Easly identify busy times ahead of time.

Assign or resign tasks to groups to handle.

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