Product Features

Products can be used standalone, in combination or with workflows automating your daily tasks

One platform – many use cases

Make Kweo yours by using powerful workflows and flexible features.

Document Management

Your documents in a central secure repository.
Versioned, auditable, traceble and assigned to actions and dates to be executed in the future.

Contracts Management

Manage contracts, legal form fields and categories, files and versions, due dates and notes effectively. Collaborate with inhouse or external counsel on legal matters.

Alert Management

Dont miss a beat. Docuemnst with associated date and time fields can be configured as alerts and assigned to be handled by your our otehr teams when due. Automatically escalate unhandled actions for review or reassignment.

Client Management

Your Contacts, Clients, Vendors, Suppliers or Parties stored and versioned for your team(s) to use consistent information at all times,

Group Management

Grant access permissions to groups, add or remove members with fine grained access controls.

Form Management

Super easy forms allow users to perform complex tasks, to provide accurate information and required data.

Document Generation

Generate polished PDF’s or Docx documents from forms. Automated via workflows or with a click of a button when required.

Easy Integration

Kweo Data Vault provides a self-documenting API for easy integration. We encourage making use of the API to offload repetetive tasks from your teams. 

Version Management

Documents, Events, Contacts, Notes are versioned. Understand when things are changed and by whom.

Restore versions when required. 

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